Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does BLM do in-house legal work?  


No. BLM works with management to establish a winning legal strategy and budget. BLM then draws on expert legal network to provide legal services such as contracts, incentive plans, litigation, merger and acquisition support and other areas of legal practice. BLM is responsible for managing the budget and the services provided.


  • Who pays BLM to manage outside professional services?  

BLM negotiates the best rates with professional service providers for our clients. The service provider pays BLM a portion of the standard fee they charge clients for managing the client relationship and communications.  This fee could be up to 20% of the fee charged by the professional service provider.

  • Does BLM replace our in-house counsel?  


No. BLM supports the efforts of in-house counsel and augments their experience through consulting and outside professional management services.  An example would be litigation management.  Litigation cannot be predicted and greatly increases the load on a General Counsel. Serious litigation often requires the hiring of additional resources for litigation management.  BLM fills that need.